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COW Mats for Dairy Cows (6.5ft x 3.75ft x 22 mm)

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    Grass Surface
    Superior Comfort

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    Bubble Surface
    Efficient Drainage

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    Interlock Edges
    Seamless Expansion


  • Material: Rubberised EVA
  • Size: 6.5ft x 3.75ft x 22mm
    Also Available in: 6ft x 3.75ft x 22mm
    Also Available in: 7ft x 4ft x 25mm
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Warranty: Upto 2 Years, Life 5-7 Years
  • Ideal Mat for Dairy Cow and Buffalo
  • Reduces Injury
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Increases Lying Time
  • Increases Milk Production
  • Bubble Surface Improves Health and Comfort  
  • High Density Rubberised EVA 
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COW Mats for Dairy Cows (6.5ft x 3.75ft x 22 mm)
  • Grass - Rs. 3,550.00
  • Bubble - Rs. 3,550.00
  • Invest in Comfort

    Happy Cows, Healthy Milk

  • Reduced Joint Stress

    Studies show cows on hard surfaces experience more Knee Strain. Polytag Gow Mat™ (गऊ मैट™) cushion impact, promoting Better Joint Health.

  • Increased Rest Time

    Comfortable Mats encourage Longer Lying Time, crucial for Cows' Well-Being. Research indicates More Rest leads to Higher Milk Production.

  • Improved Udder Blood Flow

    Polytag Gow Mat™ (गऊ मैट™) design promotes Better Blood Circulation in the Udder. Studies suggest Improved Blood Flow can enhance Milk Quality and Yield.