COW Mats for Dairy Cows (7ft x 4ft x 25 mm)

COW Mats for Dairy Cows (7ft x 4ft x 25 mm)

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Mat for Dairy Cow and Buffalo


Rubberised EVA


7ft x 4ft x 25 mm




Upto 2 Years, Life 5-7 Years


  • Increases Milk Production
  • Bubble surface Improves Health and Comfort  
  • High Density Rubberised EVA 




GOW MATS Properties

Importance of Mats

Cow Comfort is critical because of the importance to both cow and farmer of the cow spending most of the day lying down processing feed into milk. Therefore bedding must be comfortable to lie on. Coolness in summer and warmth in winter will promote cow comfort. Dry bedding is critical at all times both for comfort and for reduction in pathogen growth.

Good footing is important for injury prevention. Non abrasive bedding promotes both comfort and injury reduction. Farmer comfort requires in addition that bedding be cost efficient, labor efficient, and that the bedding drain well to keep cows dry and limit growth of pathogens.

 Cow Comfort Mats are made from High Density Elastomer which is a non-porous providing a soft, warm, comfortable bedding for cows. These mats are designed to encourage cows to lie down and get up again painlessly. Independent researchers working with cows have discovered that cows spent more time with mats.


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